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We provide the perfect service to an individual who needs a new, polished and professional photo to represent their name or brand.

The session may take place at our NC Studio in Morehead City [Eastern NC] or Anywhere in Florida [ Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Miami etc ] - we will bring our portable studio to you.

This is perfect for just one person, or groups with two + individuals [ $150 investment added ]

We can tailor your session according to your needs, and you get to choose the one that fits your look/style the best.

Basic Options Include: 
  • 1 Look (Outfit)
  • In Studio
  • 3 High resolution professionally retouched images will be delivered within 36 hours via download.
    *Depending on option chosen.


Starting $275

We are able to provide on location corporate headshot photography to fit your schedule.

Also, environmental portraits are the perfect fit for the individual + larger groups looking to provide a more lively + executive lifestyle presence with eye-catching portraits that not only portray you but employees in the best light possible, it provides the opportunity to show off the company's space. 

This option is perfect for larger companies + other groups.  

If your company is in the market with the goal of supplying employees with a stand out, professional corporate headshot. 

These are the best way to go. These sessions are time efficient and won't interrupt your business flow.

Whether you are seeking to improve your marketing or social media presence, just know that in today's market you need relevant + professional profile photos for the company’s website, this option is for you. 

Image delivery options are dependent on dynamics of project -

***Most Basic Investment $275*

Basic Options Include: 

  • 1 Look* (Outfits/Lighting Scenarios) or
  • 1 Locations in Outdoor with Natural Light/Background or dynamic 
  • Environmental Location ONE set*
  • 3 High resolution professionally retouched images will be delivered within 36 hours via download -
    *Depending on option chosen.


Starting $1000

All the images for press and media kits are delivered to the visual expectations that will be representing you in ALL your branding materials.

A complimentary consultation is highly recommended, we are always available to discuss what you are seeking for in order to plan your session and develop a productive call sheet.

We offer different options, these range from 1-4 hours 

Most of our clients have a public relations team, manager or an advertising agency working along with them in these very relevant projects, we have the experience to relate the vision in our images for you professionally.

We offer special inclusive destination pricing. Especially, for productions requiring images in different sites around the states.


Every project has different need. 

We have created a variety of options to deliver the professional outcome your are seeking to compliment the way the world views you and your business!

We offer Commercial Services including whole day or half day in blocks. 

Please contact us to set up your complimentary consultation.

Projects are specially fitted for: Product Branding, press-kits, set-stills, showcase, e-commerce as well as other content.


For Catalogs, Pamphlets, Print Ads
Press Kits, Covers etc.

We can meet your vision!

Branding Portraits 

For all and any type of business

We love working with all sizes of business from corporate to locally owned to enhance the presence in whichever market is needed.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Project

Additional services

Hair & Make Up - Price Varies 

Food / Set Styling  - $125/hr

Personal Styling -

ALL Available as an additional cost.

From our perspective, it is important these very important images are captured professionally. Preparation is OUR top priority.

We offer Complimentary Planning Consultations with you + your marketing team.

How To Book

Contact us to schedule a consult
We do require a project deposit +  signed contract,

Reserve your date in our books.

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If there is one thing we've learned about being business owners is that having a valuable branding is indispensable to succeed in your own market.

When you want to convey a message which is significant in your marketing efforts, one size does not fit all.

Even at a corporate level, individualism is priority! Jody and I love working hard to deliver the images that speak about you, the purpose + mission of your brand... It is just what we do!